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About Us

Founded in the heart of Berlin in 2022, Selectic is at the forefront of the HR tech revolution. We believe in the power of skills and how they shape the very essence of a workforce in the modern era. At Selectic, we don't just gauge potential; we assess, refine, and place it precisely where it's needed. Our mission is simple: to streamline and optimize the talent acquisition process. With the rapid changes in job roles and industry demands, traditional recruitment methods sometimes fall short. That's where our hard skill assessment software comes in. Using cutting-edge algorithms and data analytics, we offer businesses a lens to view candidate proficiency in a way that’s objective, scalable, and tailor-made for today's dynamic work environments. We are proud to be backed by the #1 VC fund in Europe for HR tech. Their trust and support amplify our commitment to reshape the HR landscape. Today, our footprint extends beyond Berlin. We operate in four countries - Germany, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland, endeavoring to enhance recruitment processes and place talent more accurately. Join us on our journey as we reimagine hiring for the 21st century. With Selectic, you don’t just select, you select with precision.







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