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Recruit Better. Faster. 
With Selectic

46% of candidates lose interest in a firm as a result of a long interview process. Reduce your time-to-hire, improve your recruiting process, and promote diversity with our Skills Assessment software

Business Analytics
They talk about us

We enable companies
to find the perfect candidates

Selectic allows companies to evaluate in a few minutes how candidates would perform in a real work environment situation, supporting HR departments to undertake data-driven decisions

Real on-the-job testing

Qualified, customisable skill assessments for candidates, to discover the real hidden potential of each applicant


HR People Analytics

Leverage valuable data generated from our on-the-job skill assessments to optimise your candidate pipeline, hiring process and employee retention

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Job Ads

Create customised job advertisements and receive a higher number of applications with Selectic

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Unique advantages

Saves valuable time
Real proof of hard skills and personality
Promotes diversity
"Validating hard skills makes total sense and was a meant to be automated. With Selectic, recruiters will save an immense amount of time and will receive better results."

Benjamin Visser
CEO at Allygatr

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Integrates smoothly into the hiring process

Supporting HR departments in introducing data-driven processes in their recruiting workflow


CV Scanning

Skills  Evaluation

Final Personal Interview


About us

About Us
Antonio Panta


Marcel Michalik


Nicolas Tozzoli


We are Antonio Panta, Marcel Michalik and Nicolas Tozzoli, founders of Selectic. After spending years applying for jobs in different industries, we realised how many valuable candidates companies are nowadays losing, due to long and inefficient recruiting processes. 

We therefore embarked on this project and combined our experiences to ensure a faster, smoother and more fair hiring process. 

Feel free to contact us anytime, whether you’re just curious to find out more or are already seeing concrete ways to work together!

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