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Build your

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With our software, we deliver you customized skill assessments targeting soft and hard skills. 
Access to our evolving
test library on Selectic, or create tests autonomously using a test builder.

Recruit Better. Faster.


Digital hard and soft skills assessments

Workforce reskilling projects

Digital performance review

Learning Agility

Management with Excel

Problem solving

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30 minutes

10 questions

Analyst (JR)

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hard and soft skills assessments

At Selectic, we value talented people as a company's most crucial asset.
We deliver to you within a few days from your requests, tailored soft and hard skills assessments, developed by our network of experts.

Our assessments offer a 360° view of each candidate, helping you reduce your time-to-hire or conduct internal performance reviews.

Interact with candidates

Swift, Smart and Seamless

Department Costs


Test everyone

Digitalize recruiting

Engage candidates


Employee Turnover

Prove abilities

Reach accuracy

Improve efficiency


Candidate Satisfaction

Increase speed

Reduce stress

Personalize feedback

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Forget multiple choices,
check our 140+
interactive simulations

We believe that candidates should be immersed into a real on-the-job scenario to test practical and logical skills.
With Selectic, you will no longer rely on boring and outdated multiple choice questionnaires, but you will be able to test how people react to
unexpected situations, how developers write and execute code, and even Excel or Powerpoint skills.



practical tests



tailored challenges



simulations with SQL


Get access
to our skill library of
pre-made tests

Starting is simple. You can select a template from our library and customize it to your preferences.
Would you prefer to
create the test yourself, autonomously?
Once you activate Selectic, you will be able to access to a
test builder, allowing you to create in a few clicks a test to send out to as many candidates as you want.



Different levels of difficulty


Unlimited access to the library


Call us
to create your
tailored assessment 

Testing the right soft and hard skills for your organization is crucial, and it calls for a specific consultation, or sometimes even for a customized assessment platform, only for you!
3-step process allows you to customize entirely our platform, and get the solution that no one else could offer, until now.

30min Call



Research and solution



Free prototype



Why industry experts choose us?

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Alexander Rossow
CEO at
Rossow Industries


"The innovative testing solution of Selectic is an important step towards a scalable, yet fair recruiting process. I can reach every candidate, without sacrificing a large amount of resources and losing touch with the applicant."

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Innovate with confidence

 unlock the perfect Hiring Strategy for your business.

Get expert recommendations to find the best option for your unique purposes.
Ready to try our test?

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